Mendocino Women’s Retreat in Philo, California

  1. Bullet"I love the inclusiveness - we welcome new women and fold them in."                       

  2. Bullet“There was never a dull moment. All the activities were varied and so much fun. Met so many extraordinary women.”

  3. Bullet “It's the high point of my year”

  4. Bullet“Enough time to feel deep and genuine heart connections.”

  1. Testimonials

  1. Bullet"Great new connections!  Comfortable accommodations!  Awesome acreages!"

Sunny Hill

  1. Bullet“The Women’s Retreat has been a sweet place to be with wonderful women. I have really enjoyed volunteering and ensuring the event goes well for everyone. I love the women who have shown up courageously and beautifully to fully experience the gifts of the retreat. From ritual to ecstatic dance, drumming and nature walk, yummy meals and intimate sharing, all activities to bring us closer to each other in the context of the wider community. We are there for each other.”                  

  1. Bullet“Its a brief getaway from every day life.....its a mini vacation  ...... its being with some special people for a weekend..... talking or listening or watching... there's always something going on that is different”                                             
                                                              betty barber

  1. Bullet"A beautiful retreat in the safety net of loving women....Thoughtful activities helped me sort out some issues in a pleasant way....Relaxation and fun in the company of women in a beautiful setting."

  2. Bullet“I found it to be a profound experience.  I especially liked the Plant Spirit work.  General description:  friendship, beauty & fun!”

  3. BulletIt is Magical. From the singing, dancing, drumming to the heartfelt connections, being in nature, journeys, laughter & tears. Experiences in a few days that will last a lifetime!” 

  4. BulletSurprisingly fresh and interesting from start to finish. It was just too short! The women were so creative and authentically themselves throughout. Fun to just laugh, cry and feel always loved and welcomed by my fellow retreat goers.”