Mendocino Women’s Retreat in Philo, California


Our Journey

Every year for the past many years women have gathered on the bend of the Navarro River to relate, to explore and celebrate who we are individually and in community.

We come together—in a safe space—in circles, in ceremony, in play. We come together to share our gifts and our lives with other women, each of us serving as students and teachers for each other. And in that sharing we are all enriched.

Of course the beautiful site of River’s Bend Retreat Center and their fabulously delicious meals help this magic along.

  1. About Us

The women who present and attend the Mendocino Women’s Retreat are a diverse group who all share the desire to be, for a short few days, in the company of other women.

Many know each other from associations in the community, some are circle sisters, some are meeting for the first time. Inclusiveness is our most cherished value. Old friend or new acquaintance, all women are (literally) embraced, welcomed and included.