Mendocino Women’s Retreat in Philo, California


Examples of auction items:

  1. Bulletfood to jewelry to art work

  2. Bulletgift certificate for a massage or a long walk on the beach

  3. Bulletgift certificate for boat trip or gardening help

  4. Bulletjam or potpourri or flower essences

  5. Bulletfruit basket

  6. Bulletbook or DVD

  7. Bulletjewelry or clothes

  8. BulletBody work or tarot reading or tea at your house

  9. BulletAnything you can dream up....

All proceeds from the Silent Auction go towards the Work-Trades Fund.

  1. Silent Auction for Financial Assistance

We offer women financial assistance for registration. 

  1. Our largest resource is the silent auction.

  2. This is the perfect opportunity to re-gift items you no longer need or use.

  3. If you have a number of small items such as pieces of jewelry, please put them together in a basket or other container since we have  limited space on the dining hall counters.

  4. Be sure to bring cash/checkbook to be able to shop great offerings!!


  1. This year we are also encouraging women to create an activity they can host for a group:  workshop, art class, movie night, hike, etc

  2. You choose how many you want to host and provide the sign-up sheet. 

  3. The cost is whatever fee you set, and is the same for everyone (the auction part is getting a slot before they’re all full!) 

  4. The fee is paid to the MWR Silent Auction Fund, and you cover all your expenses as your donation.


You want to host a movie night in your home for up to 6 people. 

  1. The cost will be $25 per person, which will include: the movie, popcorn and drinks and dessert.

  2. The $25 fee is paid to MWR through the silent auction fund,

  3. you donate your expenses for the event

You have a personal growth or health practice for which you can offer a group workshop

  1. Say for 10 people.

  2. You set the date and set the price at $50 each.

  3. If 10 people sign up, that earns $500 for the MWR Fund,

  4. You donate your time, skills and expenses.

Be creative!  We always look forward to whatever women bring. And bring your cash and checkbook so you don’t miss out on bidding!