Mendocino Women’s Retreat in Philo, California


Examples of auction items:

  1. Bulletfood to jewelry to art work

  2. Bulletgift certificate for a massage or a long walk on the beach

  3. Bulletgift certificate for boat trip or gardening help

  4. Bulletjam or potpourri or flower essences

  5. Bulletfruit basket

  6. Bulletbook or DVD

  7. Bulletjewelry or clothes

  8. BulletBody work or tarot reading or tea at your house

  9. BulletAnything you can dream up....

All proceeds from the Silent Auction go towards the Work-Trades Fund.

  1. Silent Auction

We created our own source of funds for our Work-Trades: our very special Silent Auction.  Anything can be donated. Each year’s Silent Auction creates the money for the next year’s Work-Trades. 

All of the items in the Silent Auction are gifts donated by retreat women. A Silent Auction gift is whatever you would like to offer.  Previous Silent Auction items have included:

  1. BulletChocolate, ceramics, books

  2. BulletBeautiful handmade clothing & accessories

  3. BulletWell-being sessions

  4. BulletKayak excursions

  5. BulletYour professional services

If you’d like to support the work-trade program and the retreat in this way, but won’t be attending the retreat, you may donate an auction item which will be picked up the week of the retreat.


RETREAT — Fall Equinox

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