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Hello Retreat Sisters!

I want to invite you to a monthly Women's Circle that was started after the 2017 Women's Retreat.  We call it our Heart Sisters Circle and cherish the time to gather and grow in our personal evolution and share deeply.  

We follow the guidelines and structure of a Peer Circle set out by Christina Baldwin, creating a sacred space and sharing leadership.  Anyone who has something to share may sign up to lead a Circle.

I will post our purpose statement, agreements and simply Circle structure at the bottom of this email.

I host the Circle in my home in Fort Bragg.  We currently meet on the last Monday of the month. We gather from 6-6:30p for light snacks and conversation, and the Circle starts promptly at 6:30 and usually goes until 8:30pm.  The Circle is always open, meaning any woman can attend as often as she can. Guests and women new to the community are always welcome.

This month we meet on Monday, Feb. 24, and our facilitator will be Gracee Fantulin. We will be looking at what brings us joy, and connecting with our free, natural inner child.  I hope you will join us!

I do ask that you RSVP to me if you are coming so that I know how many to set the room for. I will send you my address and directions at that time.


Paula Pociecha



PURPOSE: To create a safe and sacred space for women to gather on a regular basis to share stories, experiences, feelings and insights around a specified theme for personal and transformational growth both individually and for our world.

We do this through ritual and respectful listening, following the guidelines of our Heart Sisters Circle covenant and practices. The Circle is open to all women who share this purpose and covenant, attending as often as we can for our own nurture and to support the well-being of the Circle.

  1. 1We hold all sharing in safety and confidence.

  2. 2We listen to each other with compassion and curiosity, honoring all Sacred Points of View.

  3. 3We share from our experiences and feelings, staying relevant to the theme and mindful of the time we take. We honor the talking stick when in use.

  4. 4We each take accountability for the well-being of the Circle, and honor the formal Circle time as a Sacred Space. Cell phones are off. We ask for what we need, and offer what we can.

  5. 5We agree to participate in rotating leadership of the Circle, and give our respect and honor to the current leader and guardian.


6:30-6:45p Opening (directions, movement, song, etc.)

6:45-7:15p Check-In simple question using the talking piece (2-3 min. each sharing)

7:15-7:50p Presentation (may include activity, guided meditation, readings, etc.)

7:50-8:15p Sharing

8:15-8:25p Check-out using talking piece—How are you feeling or What’s your take-away?

8:25-8:30p Closing (directions, movement, song, reading, etc.)

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